Friday, February 27, 2009

What a MESS!

Do you recognize this space? Does it look Familiar?
Time for a bit of honesty.
Ladies I spend countless dollars on all the latest greatest organizational gadgets; and yet this is what it looks like when I am stamping.
Where are those organizational tools? Let me tell you. They are on my desk keeping it organized so I can find everything.
But ... I don't stamp at my desk! I stamp in the dining room so I can watch my kids, and be near the computer for posting. So what I am wondering; am I the only odd bird out there, or are you and me birds of a feather?
Just so you know, I am currently rushing around putting everything back in its place so we can using the dining table for its real intent on the weekend! LOL

1 comment:

  1. Ha! Sounds *exactly* like my house!! I buy those clear scrapbook paper boxes from Michaels, have countles boxes and shelving from IKEA - but where do I do most of my work? AT the kitchen table! We even kicked our daughter out of her room (she moved in with her brother and they both love it), so that we could create an office/craft room! So every meal I have to shuffle everything off the table and off to the side to one of the kitchen counters....never mind the drill press in the kitchen! Glad to hear that others are in the same boat! *smiles*


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