Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Simple Birthday

Birthdays are never really simple. They are very complex in nature. Birthdays bring up feelings about our age that we never even knew we had. They bring to the fore front some of our deepest feelings and fears about growing older. And because I always get worked up about my birthday, I thought I would make a sincere effort to try to simplify. The first step for me is to make cards for others that are simpler. I tend to try to go over the top in most things and then have to accept that I can only do half as much as I wanted. So this time I went to a basic card layout, a simple sentiment, and even simple paper. I can't help myelf I had to add a little Martha butterfly, and of course some amuse bling to that. But really in essence this is a simple card, and it demonstrates how I would like my life to be; clean, simple, with a touch of bling!
I am pleased with how it turned out, and I hope that my simple approach to things will last more then a day! LOL
Pair down and simplify just one thing today, perhaps your day too will be smoother!

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