Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Shades of Pink

I am loving soft shades of pink this week. I am in a quieter frame of mind; therefore the usual bright and vibrant colours are not as appealing to me. Colour seems to really affect me, does it affect you too?

When I am calm I like to work with soft , subtle and calming colours. When I am full of it like I usually am, the brighter and bolder the better. Colours that say bring it on, that is usually what appeals to me.
So enjoy this softer side of me while it lasts, cuz it surely will not last long; especially after last night.

As many of you know, my eldest daughter is in French immersion. Here in BC, this is considered a choice program. The school my daughter attends is 2 track, which in essence means there is English classes, and then there are French classes. Well, unfortunately there is not an equal split. The French out way the English 3:1. And in some of the English classes there are as little as only 4 kids in a grade. As you can imagine this is not a healthy environment for the English students and there was a huge school meeting last night to look at proposals to try to fix this.
None of the plans will please all of the parents, and there was a lot of angry and fearful parents getting out of control. I came home really upset. I feel terrible for the English students I truly do. I want to protect my daughters education and her rights, but not at the expense of others. It is a real tragic dilema for the entire school.
So, I calmed myself down with a little stamping and some calming colours. Now tonight the meeting is continued so don't be surprised if the next card is FIRE ENGINE RED!

Wishing you a calm day!

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