Monday, May 4, 2009

Mothers Day...

With Mothers Day quickly approaching I have to sit back and think .
I don't have any communication with my mother. And every year at this time I get mad, real mad. I don't get mad because I miss her, or wish her back in my life.
In fact quite the opposite, I get mad for all the things she missed out on. I get mad when I look at my kids and wonder how anyone could leave their young children. I get mad thinking how selfish it is to ever think of yourself before your children. I get mad at the moms who are out there who just don't seem to care about their kids, like being a mother is a right, not a privilege.
I get mad for the thousands of kids who grow up without a parent.

And then, I stop, I breathe, and I remember my life was better because she left.
My life is better because had my mother never left our family; my dad would never have remarried. And I would never have had the most wonderful step-mother there ever could be.

She fills every vacant spot my mother left and more. She is a mother and a friend to me; she is a bridge between me and my father. She has her own natural children, and grandchildren; yet she manages to love us all unconditionally and individually.
She helps me with my children every week, and she is there no matter what happens.
This year having had to deal with young twins in hospital, I got to realize just how important she is. She is the glue that holds our family together. She keeps me grounded, she comforts me and lets me cry when I need to. Without her I would not be a good mother. I did not have a good example of what a mother is until I met her.
She changed my life FOREVER!
My definition of Mother may be different than yours. But no matter what your definition is you need to be thankful for LIFE!



  1. What a great tribute note for your stepmother. I havent been in your situation, but as a mother myself to a two year old girl, I cant imagine ever doing that to her. Happy Mothers Week! :)

  2. how wonderful that you were blessed with a loving stepmother. she is sure to treasure this card :D

  3. Beautiful. Love the color combination.

  4. Rieca, how wonderful that you have your incredible stepmother in your life, and such a beautiful card with a lovely sentiment.

  5. Rieca, what a fabulous post....such a lovely tribute to your stepmom!

  6. wonderful card - beautiful sentiment!

  7. THIS is beautiful, beautiful sentiment, beautiful card, wow! ♥♥♥

  8. What a wonderful sentiment! Great card! Thanks for joining us at OCC this week!


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