Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Yesterday was my birthday. And it did not go very well. Unfortunately, my kids were still sick, and that meant that I had to deal with screaming, crying, and yakking twins! And let me tell you not a good way to spend your birthday.

However, as the day progressed my luck turned and things got better.

My sweet hubs took my daughter shopping and they bought me 4 punches, and some new ribbon! That is a thoughtful and lovely gift! Then my hubs picked up Sushi; since we were obviously not going to take all the sick kids to a restaurant! LOL

I ended my day on a great note I watched Australia, which I had wanted to see in the theatre and just never made it there. So all in all, it was a lovely day!

Today, since my kids woke up in a good mood and without a fever; for the first time this month, I am feeling lucky!
I think the luck of the Irish is with me; so I thought I would play along with today's 365 cards challenge. 3 bows, and 3 ribbons. DIFFICULT! I really didn't want to peak at the other cards cuz I wanted to tackle this one on my own. And the above is my attempt.

Hopefully the luck of the Irish rubs off on you today too!



  1. Rieca, what a wonderful card - love the different size bows and the placements.

  2. Great job with the challenge, thanks for coming to play at 365 Cards!

  3. Great job on the challenge, really cute card!

  4. Well, happy belated birthday!!! Such the perfect card for st patty's day!!! Great job on the challenge!

  5. Wow! You did a really great job with this sketch! I am impressed you got in those three bows on in different ways. That takes some Creativity! I am glad you birthday was salvaged a bit (i hate sick kids... but your husb bought you punches, WOAH!!) He must totally rock! Hope your family keeps getting better each day. Hope to see you again tomorrow!

  6. Great job on this card!! I love how you worked in those bows. Happy Belated Birthday and thanks for joining us today!

  7. Rieca....happy birthday! What a sweet husband you have there:) Hope the kids feel better soon. BTW...great card!

  8. Happy Belated Birthday!!! Super cute card!


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