Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A bit of this and that...

First off lets just say it was Happy Mail day! I got my Tax refund, and more important my new PTI order!

I have seen some super cute new stamps that I covet by Denami, but I have not narrowed down my choices yet! If you want a chance to win yourself some yuppy stamps hop on over to the Denami Blog, they have a chance to win $50, now that gets you quite a few of their lovelies!

Now can I complain?


UGH, admittedly trying to stamp with twins is near impossible; but today they have been their absolute worst!

They have dumped a bottle of shampoo into the toilet, and then used the toilet brush to clean the toilet(unfortunately the base too!)

Then they broke a pkg of rice noodles open, all over the house, too big to vaccum, and near impossible to find in shag carpet.

I know what your thinking.. watch them and none of this will happen.

Well, while I was sitting with them watching a video... they managed to open very quietly, my daughters back pack, get out her markers, and colour the couch! Yes I was sitting on the couch! That is how fast they are!

So I have spent the last hour scrubbing the couch clean and wishing for a new life.

When I looked up to see, Leila had pulled her nappie off and rolled poo balls in my carpet. All of this while I am in the room! Can you imagine what they would do if I left the room?

Better Days!


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  1. Oh boy Rieca...fun times :) Hang in there sista!!!


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