Sunday, August 16, 2009

Catch up day...

I don't if you are like me...
BUT ...
If you are you wake up Sunday morning to last nights dishes. I hate it! I make dinner late on Saturdays as we are busy, as most people are. Inevitably what happens is we play outside after dinner with the kids to run some steam off, and then start bed time routine. I always fall asleep putting the twins down.
And then, I end up with dishes Sunday morning! So I caught all my dishes, laundry and cleaning up. Then I decided to start catching up at 365!

So here are the fruits of my labour!

Card #164 Color Scheme

Card #165 Shape Up!

Close up of day #166 Recipe card

Full view of Day #166 Recipe card

Day #168 Touch of Toile
Day #169 Super Sketchy Sunday

With that all done; now I just need to catch up on 2 more cards this week... here's hoping I get to it!

Off to do yard work!



  1. OMG!! they are all lovely :) twins?? you must be exausted most of the time.

  2. My word, Reica, you've been busy, busy, busy! Great cards - I especially like the sketch one. (those little pea pods and snails are so cute!)

  3. hey rieca!! These all look great. I love them each for different reasons, but they are all fun and well designed. I too HATE waking up to dishes, it seems to start my day out horribly. Hope you had a great weekend! It was fun talking to you at the release party and Oh my GOODNESS Can you believe it?? I am still in total shock! what will I possibly do with all that loot?? (im sure i will figure something out ; )

  4. Hey Rieca! You've been a busy chicklet! All of your cards are simply gorgeous!!!


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