Thursday, August 20, 2009

a 365 blitz...

Pam has done it again! Today at the 365 she challenged us to use letters out of 3 different mediums. I really had to think about this one. I like the "U" made out of the buttons, I think it turned out much better then I expected. Now onto my catch up cards...

Day #172 ABC's & 123's
Day #171 Tuesdays Trio (button, triangle, and a sticker)
I have a tutorial for you on this one. It is simple and fun to create images with scraps. First I cut a triangle. Can't get easier now can it?

Then I crumpled it in a ball... seriously all of you can do that now can't you?

Then I cut a small oval, and again crumpled it. Here is what the pair look like opened up. Can you guess what I made with my triangle?

I know know surprise here! I love the dimension and the texture this hat has. Honestly it looks aged, weathered, and like a real honest to goodness witch hat!

I love the stickers, little dots, they look like witches brew bubbling out of a cauldron... ok maybe it is just me who thinks that.
For those of you interested in the broom. Equally simple... twig, raffia folded up into a small bundle, and tied to the end with hemp twine. Seriously ladies, something like this would sell at the LSS as a sticker set for $6. And it cost me nothing! Love that!
What have you done with your scraps lately?


  1. Oh have done some spectacular work Rieca!!! Love all your fun cards!!!!!

  2. love the U in buttons and how you made the hat!! great cards :)

  3. GREAT WORK!!!!!!and that hat is AMAAZING!!!!! wow.

  4. Great cards all round!

  5. what cute cards, and even more precious blessings!

  6. Can you come and sit with me and teach me how to create!! Loving your cards, great, great, great!
    Oh! I'm a poet!

  7. Fab cards - and that witch's hat is very cool!


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