Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Home again

It is good to be home. I always feel emotional when I land back at home. It is a toss up between sad that my holiday is over, and excitement to go back to my home.
I am so glad to have my own bed! Isn't that right? When you get home your bed seems so much better then it ever has before?

We had a wonderful time with our family in England and even our Swedish family came over and joined us for a portion of our holiday. As always time past too quickly, I was said to say good-bye. I take with me the memories of a life time and be thankful that I was able to share this trip with my family.
I cannot wait to get out the ink and paper so I hope to post again later this week.

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  1. Your trip sounds amazing! I feel the same way- sometimes there is just no place like home! I have missed seeing your designs! I'm actually starting a new challenge over at Travelingmama on Friday. We'll be using each others photos as inspiration for a Travelers Inspiration Challenge! I would love to have you submit some of your photos and play along!
    Hugs from Morocco,


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